Monday, August 3, 2015

Updated Abstract

Analysis and Comparison of the OD WS and the Shack-Hartmann sensor.

The purpose of Adaptive Optics is to calculate and correct random light distortions. In order to determine the accuracy of a wavefront sensor and compare different wavefront sensors, the signal to noise ratio (SNR) can be calculated to see how much of the original image was preserved. The Optical Differentiation sensor is a newer sensor that can be adapted to many different wavelength ranges and works with multicolored light sources.   By comparing the SNR of the Optical Differentiation sensor to the industry standard (Shack-Hartmann) sensor we can determine how competitive the Optical Differentiation sensor is. Finally the current numerical model for the Shack-Hartmann sensor presented in a paper by Oti only offers an upper bound equation for the SNR, so other terms were researched in order to have an equation that better fits the simulation results in the same paper.

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