Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 12 Summary

Today was the presentation and the trip to the observatory. I finished the powerpoint in time for the presentation, I wasn't sure to what detail I should go into for the presentation. Bob showed up for my presentation which was nice, I think overall the presentation went well and I had the proper understanding of what was going on. Most of the comments were just on small details in the presentation. One mistake that I made was I calculated the error with the full photon count instead of just the photon per microlens. I also have to verify the units in some of the equations. Jie also told me that some of the detail I went into was good for the update but not needed in a final presentation. After my presentation Zach and Aaron each did their presentation, which were on different tasks in the same greater project that I am working under. Both of their presentation were very good and I learned a bunch about the project. Zach is working on a matlab model of the OD and has error under 1/10 of a wave. Aaron is working on the setup and has good results with the two sensors, as well as plans for how to improve the measurements.

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