Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Optical Differentiation sensor is a newer sensor can be adapted to different dynamic ranges and work with multicolored light sources. The signal to noise ratio is important to measure in order to determine how much of the original wavefront is preserved throughout the sensor.  By comparing the SNR of the Optical Differentiation sensor to the Shack-Hartmann sensor, one of th e most common sensors, we can determine how competitive the Optical Differentiation sensor is. The paper by Oti that compares these two sensors includes a graph of the ratio between the SNR’s of both sensors, but the equations in that paper do not match that graph. The purpose of this project is to generate an equation  that better models the Signal to Noise ratio of both the Optical Differentiation and Shack Hartmann sensor in order to improve the equations in the paper to recreate the graph in that paper.

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