Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 16: Some more data

In the beginning of the morning I wrote the sort that I talked about yesterday. The following graph is a comparison of the sorted data(orange) and the data from the sensor(blue), as well as a zoomed in version to show what the sort algorithm(and blur) does to the data

The data is now close enough to a function in order for me to be able to analyze it through matlab. Based on theory as well as our broadband results, we are expecting some sort of linear relationship between the mean and the variance. A pure derivative of the data is meaningless due to the noise that I still can't remove from the data, but matlab has a linear regression which I ran on the two obvious sections of the data. Since there were questions about the validity of the data with the turbulence, we got new (and better data). Which confirmed that there were some major influences to the data at some point in the data. (Graph is data with sort and blur algorithm).

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