Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 15: (actual data)

Today in the morning I took a bunch of data from the Shack-Hartmann sensor. The first trial I did involved me taking a bunch of data with broadband light shined onto paper over the sensor. I varied both the intensity and the exposure time and found that the variance seemed to be linear with the amount of photons. We tried to do the same experiment with the laser, but was our result due to there being pixelation of the paper. As a result, we tried keeping the intensity the same and measuring how the image varied, and I got
Due to the huge variation , I wrote a blurring program which gave me slightly better results, but not simplified enough to let me analyze it.
At the end of the day I turned the points into dots instead of lines and examined it and found that the problem stems from
so tomorrow I will be writing code that will sort the x vector and removes any values that repeat, as well as go through the y vector and for each x value that is the same, average all of the y values that correspond to that one point.

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